Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

With EMS technology, individuals wear a suit that simultaneously stimulates up to 12 muscle groups, facilitating functional muscle development through a variety of movements, resulting in better results with less time and effort.

3 times more effective than traditional training methods

EMS tech: Burns fat, builds muscle fast, delivering results in just two weeks.

Enhance Athletic Performance

EMS technology is known for its ability to improve athletic performance, thanks to its muscle-stimulating mechanisms.

20 minutes instead of 90 minutes of regular training

With EMS technology, you can achieve better results in less time. Just 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to 90 minuets of conventional workouts.


EMS stands as an excellent method for rectifying muscular imbalances in the body, as it effectively activates all muscles, including those with weaker neural connections.


EMS operates by sending stimulation to the motor neurons, which then signal the muscles to contract. This process simultaneously provides treatment and training. We have precise control over various parameters that influence the intensity and depth of stimulation, as well as the specific muscle fibers we activate. In traditional strength training, you typically engage around 35% of muscle fibers within 1 to 3 targeted muscle groups during each movement. In contrast, EMS training showcases an impressive activation of 90-95% of muscle fibers across all major muscle groups in the entire body, all at once. This is precisely why just 20 minutes of EMS training suffice; it's equivalent to at least 90 minutes of conventional resistance training at the gym. Clients particularly appreciate the time efficiency that sets it apart from traditional training methods.